Fourteen Years Strife, Part 2

Years 3-6 (+4 years)

In the grand scheme, the Harpers were losing hearts and minds.  The Banite's were preaching a coming of order, one that would provide safety, security and increased prosperity.  Though the rich and poor alike saw favorable aspects of this philosophy, it was by far the former that would benefit.  Banite clerics were an adimant supporter of crushing lawlessness, strengthening family and community ties, reducing royal taxes and strengthening Baronies authorities.  Barons were encouraged by the simple and swift justice dispensed by bailiffs that espoused Banite beliefs, while communities that turned over enough knaves, villains, adulteresses, brigands or harlequins to the church soon had a Banite priest take residence to heal wounds, cure diseases and make the crops more fertile.  Where noble families took in Banite councellors, rigid hierarchies and strict loyalties reduced infighting.  Barons seized what little property belonged to the followers of Ilmater and turned it over to priests of Bane, taking up the Banite churches call to end "the welfare state" that existed amongst the poor due to the charity of weak willed religions.  Servitude became slavery and the profits of the nobility soared.  The Banite church was exemplary also in its unification.  Speaking to one cleric of Bane was like speaking to the Church as a whole, and when they acted, they acted as one with very little deviation in opinion or message.  The Harper's message of freedom, peace and acceptance, issued by many but disparate sources, was getting little traction in the Savage Coast.

This rapid adoption of the Banite faith fueled the construction of many shrines and rededicated holy sites to Bane.  Five years after the three of you took command of the Sword Coast envoy, the largest Banite church in the region was completed in the port city of Degrasse.  The master of its opening ceremonies took great pleasure in belittling the many slaves that died in its construction and the glory of subjugating an Ilmatrian holy site.  The completion of the church marked the high point of the Harper's frustrations.  Nothing seemed to be working- for every nobleman that could be convinced or bribed to turn down the promises of the Iron Grip, three others would greedilly take up the Red Claw of tyranny.  
A year and a day after the Degrasse church was dedicated, Harpers acting outside the auspices of the agency firebombed the building in the middle of a worship, destroying an icon of Banite faith but sacrificing many of its informative texts and burying precious relics of Ilmater deep in the rubble.  Phillipe, Magus, Torstan and Yvane were captured, tortured and slain by the Baron Balek Degrasse but revealed little information about other Harpers in the area, thanks to Thane Aldo's deceptive messaging network.

Sir Guy of Whiterock:

Guy Richeford, for his extended loyalties to the House of Palor in their negotiations, was made a Knight of House Palor, awarded the Tower of Whiterock, the village of Brickyard, the port village of Whiterock, the pastures of Horn Cliff and Killgully as well as the betweens.  It might be a one horse estate, but interest in it grows with the reported portage of several captured House Balek ships and rumors of a powerful mage in residence.  Guy's opinion of the Banite church is also well known at this point, and word has spread that followers of Illmater may be organizing a pilgrimage to the shrine of St. Barnoly at Whiterock. 

Thane Aldo:

Thane Aldo, despite never appearing in disguise while on camera, is most assuradely making use of it while parsing the task of inserting, extracting and supplying Harper agents scattered across the Savage Coast.  With Guy and Aragorn so often away on other buisness, Aldo has taken on the burden of running the entire Savage Coast operation.  A tragic turn of fate saw the opperations resources nearly wiped out, but aid from an unlikely source, Aldo's estranged warlord cousins in the southwest, has recently put the Harpers back in buisnes.  These cousins have ruthlessly expanded and reaquired Thanite holdings, officially reestablishing the House of Thane by allying with King Relegan and the House of Palanis and reviving their trade agreements in Hurlon.  Requests from family for reconcilliation have grown with Aldo's power and the family has recently offered to carefully relocate Banite clerics from the lands they reclaim, so long as Thane Aldo returns to the family and aids them in their reconquest.


Aragon, reunited with his followers in the Celtinbrook after yet another narrow escape from death in the Savage Coast, headed south to travel extensively in Yasa.  There he worked to cut the ties of Yasa mercenary groups to their Banite employers in the Savage Coast and rooted out the growing number of allies of a returned Mummy Lord named Dracna.  He returned regularly to the Celtinbrook, where the growth of the Banite religion in the Savage Coast was finnally gaining some attention.  There Aragorn attended guild rallies and spoke to High Councils of Tyr and Torm and was the honored guest at several somber meetings of the Ilmatrian Charity.  It is rumored that Aragorn may have even spoken on more than one occasion with the Twenty Saints of Celtinbrook, the advisors that supposedly direct the many separate oligarchies that comprise the Archdiocese.



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