An Introduction to the Savage Barony Campaign

Premise of the current Campaign

The Savage Baronies are a collection of small, unstable viscountcies, baronies, fiefdoms and free strongholds, loosely ruled by a collection of kings who are in turn little more than puppets of the major family houses. The Baronies are spread over three distinct topographical regions- the swampy deltas, the high peninsula plains and the jungle island archipelago.

This land is defined by constant political strife, intermixed family loyalties, shifting boundaries, stifling heat and the unrelenting Red Curse, which deforms those not protected by the rare crystal Cynibryl.

Fueling this bubbling cauldron is Steel Seed, a substance that when ground can be used to create gunpowder and when smelted with iron can create Red Steel weapons, which are capable of penetrating even the most powerful creatures resistances. The rare Cynibryl crystals found alongside Steel Seed are one of the few ways of delaying the onset of the Red Curse and can also relieve some of the detriments of deformities brought on by the Curse.

Both of these substances are highly sought after on the trade routes to Nentha and Hurlon; slave and serf labor extracts Steel Seed from the swampy delta land of the Lower Palas rivers. From there it sails north into the Werelan archipelago for refinement and distribution throughout the world. Both these regions rely heavily on the bountiful Peninsula of Cathas for produce and goods.

The delicate balance of chaos and oppression has been upset recently by the return of an Expedition to the Promised Land. Though the expedition failed to find a cure to the Red Curse, what little goods it did return made a few minor houses very, very wealthy. Violence and upheaval followed right behind the gold and now new threats are emerging.

The Harpers have been watching the region for a century, ever since the first influences of Bane’s clawed hand began to show in the region. Long considered too unstable for the organized forces of Bane’s church, the draw of power has increased with every new development in firearms. Suddenly a Banite presence has come into the open and is gaining influence with the new powers. The Harper’s suspect a renewed drive to establish a single kings rule over the Savage Baronies, to raise a leader that can put chaos to the sword of law and order, a single individual which the church of Bane will no doubt control.

This regional upheaval is what the party, a collection of local and foreign Harper agents, now grapples with.



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