Aldo Thane

Aldo of the House of Thane

Aldo the first born son of the House of Thane, merchant, ladies man, sorcerer and black sheep.


Thane Aldo of Many Faces, Lord of Tilldown Hole, Harper Secretary General to the Savage Coast, Father and Husband

Crazy Events

Game 1 – Can you…

Guy: Can you get us on that ship out there.

Aldo: Hmmm yeah.

Guy: Oh and make it so they can’t see us.

Aldo: Sure I can do that.

Aldo turns Guy and himself invisible then teleports on to the lifeboat.

Stop that Mast

Guy: This mast is going to break can you do something about it before it kills someone.

Aldo casts solid fog and the mast slowly falls to the deck.

I can’t see

Guy: Aldo can you do something about this sail? I can’t see.

Aldo: Sure.

Aldo makes the sail invisible.

Aldo Thane

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